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In November 2021, the United Nations COP26 Climate Summit will be arriving in Scotland. This will be one of the biggest events of its kind ever to be hosted in our country with 200 world leaders in attendance. There is hope that the event will result in a truly historic agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions and steer us clear of a climate emergency.

The COP26 Summit provides us with a unique opportunity to recognise and celebrate innovation in the Scottish education system and our commitment to Learning for Sustainability. Within Scotland’s curriculum, Learning for Sustainability (LfS) is recognised as an entitlement for all learners and a recent international study showed that our learners are world-leading global citizens.

The Learning for Sustainability Awards have been launched to recognise the commitment, professionalism and leadership that underpins this success. The Scottish Government has identified People as a key theme for the COP26 Summit and has declared that it wants it to be the most inclusive COP summit ever to be held. This includes a strong focus on young people and on engaging disadvantaged and hard-to-reach communities.

The Learning for Sustainability Awards support these ambitions. Help us recognise the amazing achievements of Scotland’s people and the settings, schools and communities that have demonstrated passion and commitment to building a socially-just, sustainable and equitable world.


About Learning for Sustainability

Learning for Sustainability (LfS) is a theme across learning within Scotland’s curriculum which enables learners, educators, education settings and their wider communities to build a socially-just, sustainable and equitable society. An effective whole school and community approach to LfS weaves together global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning to create coherent, rewarding and transformative learning experiences.

LfS is an entitlement for all learners within Curriculum for Excellence and is embedded within the professional standards for Scotland’s educators. It supports the development of knowledge, skills and values at the heart of the curriculum’s four capacities and supports engagement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In October 2020, Scotland’s learners were recognised as world-leading global citizens. The findings of the PISA Global Competence Report showed that Scotland’s learners were amongst the top-performing in the world in many aspects including in respect for other cultures and immigrants and awareness of equality issues.

Learning for Sustainability resources:

Learning for Sustainability Awards - Winners 2021

  • Learning for Sustainability Youth Award

    - Recognising the achievements of young people aged 3-25 years


    Mathew Ritchie

    Callum Isted

    Children’s Parliament Investigators for Scotland’s Climate Assembly

    Highly Commended:

    The children of Sunnyside ELC

    Alloa Academy ASN class

    Learning for Sustainability Practitioner Award

    - Recognising the achievements of early learning and childcare practitioners and school teachers


    Fraser Boyd, Robert Douglas Memorial School

    Angela Yekken, St Ninian’s High School

    Keri Reid, Muthill Primary School

    Highly Commended:

    Melissa Dunn, Southdale Primary School

    Denise Harvey, Ardrossan Academy

    Seonaid Forrester, Renfrew High School

    Learning for Sustainability Leadership Award

    - Recognising the achievements of head teachers, heads of centre, managers, authority staff and promoted staff in school and setting leadership teams


    Jennifer Hutton, Dunblane Primary School

    Debbie Matthewson, Stow Primary School

    Lesley A Morrison, Westercraigs Nursery School

    Elizabeth Langlands, Northmuir Primary School

    Rebecca Favier, St Andrew’s Fox Covert RC Primary School

    Highly Commended:

    Iona McCroary, Stirling Secondary Autism Provision St Modan’s High School

    Learning for Sustainability Learning Community Award

    - Recognising the achievements of early learning and childcare settings and schools


    Stow Primary School

    Dunblane Primary School

    Turnbull High School

    Highly Commended:

    Connecting Classrooms Scotland, India Cluster

    Mearns Primary School

    Drymen Primary School

    Milngavie Primary School and Early Years Centre

    North Rhins Partnership Schools

    Learning for Sustainability Educational Supporter Award

    - Recognising the achievements of individuals who provide invaluable support for learning


    Trudi Togneri, Stirling High School

    Jackie McMaster, City of Glasgow College

    Highly Commended:

    Neil and Charlotte Smith-Mégret, Rubbish Paddlers

    Howard Beck

    Marie Leck, Young Enterprise Scotland

    Learning for Sustainability Community Learning and Development Award


    - Recognising the achievements of community learning and development providers.

    The Intergenerational Forget Me Not Gardening Group

    Glasgow Science Centre

    Highly Commended:

    St Paul’s Youth Forum

    North Lanarkshire Youth Climate Ambassadors

    Dyslexia Scotland

St Ninians High School

Stow Primary School

Renfrew High School

Glasgow Science Centre

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